The Cousin

Kuzynka, 2017, 100 min.

The Cousin (2017)


Director Angie Polkovich
Screenplay Angie Polkovich
Cinematography Sebastian Kwidzinski
Art Director Angie Polkovich
Producer Magda Parol
Olga Gabriela Jozwiak
Mary Maritka Iwanska
Olga’s Mother Magdalena Emilianowicz
Olga’s Father Piotr Duda
Mary’s Mother Dorota Sztuba
Mary’s Father Artur Kuran

During a family visit, teenager Olga, makes a shocking discovery-her nine-year-old cousin is being physically abused. Determined to help, Olga reaches out to the adults in her life, then the system, but both let her down. Pushed to desperate measures, she takes matter into her own hands.