The Credenza

Kredens, 2007, 29 min.

The Credenza (2007)


Director Jacob Dammas
Screenplay Jacob Dammas
Cinematography Marcin Sauter,
Kamil Plocki
Music Stefan Thorsson
Producer(s) Graniza
Himself Jacob Dammas
A personal journey to find clues about the past and meeting the present. In the late 1960s, four strong men from a local bar in Wroclaw in south-west Poland carried a 150 kg heavy German-made credenza (in Polish, “kredens”) from one side of Zgodna street to the other. The kredens had been standing in the same apartment and observed 80 years of life and the change of people: from two German-Protestant sisters, over a Polish-Jewish family, to today’s Polish-Catholic home. Until one day, when the Kredens disappeared.