The Devil from Seventh Grade

Szatan z siódmej klasy, 2006, 101 min.

The Devil from Seventh Grade (2006)


Director Kazimierz Tarnas
Screenplay Kazimierz Tarnas (based on the novel by Kornel Makuszynski)
Cinematography Zdzislaw Najda
Music Krzesimir Debski
Art Director Andrzej Halinski
Producer Teresa Dworzecka, Miroslaw Warchol
Adam Cisowski Bartosz Fajge
Wanda Gasowska Katarzyna Bator
Prof. Gasowski Wojciech Malajkat
Iwo Gasowski Krzysztof Globisz
Zosia Katarzyna Pypno
Staszek Burski Tomasz Kozlik
Servent Leon Niemczyk

The Devil from Seventh Grade is a faithful adaptation of the Polish children’s adventure-detective novel , which has been very popular for centuries. The action is set in the 1930s. Suddenly, a Frenchman shows up on the estate of Iwo Gasowski and insists on buying the encumbered property and ruined house. When the owner refuses to sell it, an old door disappears from the house. First just one, then another one… Piotr Gasowski, a middle school history teacher, asks his student, Adam Gisowski, for help in solving the mystery of strange events in his brother’s house. (Adam is famous for his investigative skills). It turns out that an old letter from a Colonel from the Army of Napoleon, Gamil de Berier, found in Paris in 1936, is the cause of all the problems. Colonel de Berier, right before his death, wrote instructions, regarding a hidden treasure…