The Disobedient KOR

niepoKORni, 2006, 52 min.

The Disobedient KOR (2006)


Director Borys Lankosz, Maciej Dancewicz
Screenplay Maria Zielinska
Cinematography Borys Lankosz
Music Szosa E7(highway E-7), Piosenka Patetyczna (pathetic Song) Performed by Jan Krzysztof Kelus
Producer Slawomir Chojecki
Joanna Szczesna, Róża Thun, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, Miroslaw Chojecki, Ludwik Dorn, Wojciech Falkowski, Stanislaw Kowalski, Maciej Kuron, Jan Olszewski, Maciej Rayzacher, Eugeniusz Smolar, Piotr Szwajcer, Lech Walesa, Bronislaw Wildstein.


The Komitet Obrony Robotników (Workers Defense Committee) was established in 1976 as a response to the brutal repression inflicted on the workers protesting against food price rises. KOR was the source of numerous civic initiatives, such as independent publishing houses, clandestine press, Towarzystwo Kursów Naukowych – an independent university, Intervention Office, which helped people subjected to repression because of their political and ideological beliefs, student movement, free trade unions…Lech Wałęsa states in this film that without KOR the emergence of “Solidarity” would be impossible. KOR was the first opposition group that was so well organized. The list of persons subjected to repression because of their cooperation with the Committee exceeded 2.000. Prisons, searches, firing from work, constant invigilation – this is what the everyday life of the members and cooperators of KOR looked like. The activity of KOR is presented by those who cooperated with it.