The English Lesson

Lekcja angielskiego, 2003, 60 min.

The English Lesson (2003)


Director Jaroslaw Marszewski
Screenplay Krzysztof Pieczynski
Cinematography Mariusz Palej
Music Leszek Mozdzer
Art Director Katarzyna Sobanska
Producer Sylwester Banaszkiewicz
Two lovers are staying in an apartment. We don’t know what’s going on outside. It is 2014. We sense an incredible tension between the two of them. Later on we discover what it is due to. It turns out that the uprising is just starting and that there is a war just like the Second World War. Waiting for the arrival of the executioners, he, a Pole, and she, a Jewess, recall important facts from their lives. They try to forget what is awaiting them. They touch and build their own world full of the rain’s smell, smiles and hopes. Not losing their dignity in such a difficult moment.