The Fifth Season of the Year

Piata pora roku, 2012, 96 min.

The Fifth Season of the Year (2012)


Cairo International Film Festival
The Isis Prize for Best Actor for Marian Dziedziel


Director Jerzy Domaradzki
Screenplay Natalia Pruzewicz
Cinematography Zbigniew Wichlacz
Music Jerzy Satanowski
Art Directors Jerzy Talik, Natasza Kisza
Producer Wlodzimierz Niderhaus


Wiktor Marian Dziedziel
Barbara Ewa Wisniewska
Bogdan, Wiktor’s Friend Andrzej Grabowski
Irena, Barbara’s Sister Agnieszka Mandat

On the surface, they have nothing in common. Witek is a widowed driver, who has driven thousands of kilometers in his life, but never really seen anything outside his homeland of Silesia.Barbara is retired music teacher who cannot get over the death of a loved one – a painter with whom she spent the most beautiful years of her life. Wanting to fulfill his dying wish and bury his ashes at sea, she turns to Witek for help. As they travel north to the Polish shore, they become friends; this friendship will allow them to overcome even the largest differences.