The Foundation

Fundacja, 2006, 110 min.

The Foundation (2006)


Director Filip Bajon
Screenplay Filip Bajon
Cinematography Wojciech Todo
Music Michal Lorenc
Art Director Michal Hrisulidis
Producer Lambros Ziotas
Mieczyslaw Malecki Jan Nowicki
Darek Koliba Maciej Stuhr
Mrs. Malecka Elzbieta Jarosik
Anka Agata Kulesza
Member of Parliament Zbigniew Jesien
Prosecutor Jerzy Trela
Kazia Kinga Preis
The Foundation is based upon true events. It tells the story of a con man, who managed to trick the entire law enforcement system. His creativity, finesse and exceptional charm gained far more publicity than regular attention from the press.

His story seems even juicier because of the fact that the main character master-minded the entire criminal plot, while being jailed as a suspect in another case.