The Girl from the Wardrobe

Dziewczyna z szafy, 2012, 90 min.

The Girl from the Wardrobe (2012)


Camerimage International Film Festival
Best Cineamtography for Arkadiusz Tomiak in Polish Film Competition

Arras Film Festival
Silver Atlas Award (Atlas d’argent) and Youth Jury Award

Film Festival Cottbus
Best Debut Film awawrded by The Cottbus Student Jury

The Nationwide Festival of the Film Art PROWINCJONALIA
Grand Prize; Journalists Award; Discovery of the Year Award for Magdalena Różanska

Koszalin Festival of Film Debuts MLODZI I FILM
outh Jury Award; Journalists’ Award; Best Actor Award for Wojciech Mecwaldowski


Director Bodo Kox
Screenplay Bodo Kox
Cinematography Arkadiusz Tomiak
Music Joanna Halszka Sokolowska, Filip Zawada
Art Director Andrzej Halinski
Producer Wlodzimierz Niderhause


Jacek Piotr Glowacki
Tomek, Jacek Brother Wojciech Macwaldowski
Magda Magdalena Różanska
Policeman Eryk Lubos
Kwiatkowska Teresa Sawicka

A tale of the remarkable friendship of three loners: the incorrigible internet flirt Jack, his brother Tom, who suffers from Savant Syndrome and distrustful of the environment young Magda. When Jack, called to a business meeting asks his secretive neighbor Magda to babysit his brilliant brother, he does not even suspect that this chance meeting will be beginning of a deep bond between two alienated people.