The Land, Family Business

Rodzinna firma, 2021, 18 min. 8 sec.

The Land, Family Business (2021)


Director Maciej Slesicki
Screenplay Maciej Slesicki
Cinematography Mateusz Pastewka
Music Pawel Skorupka
Production Design Oliwia Waligora
Producers Michal Kujawa, Maciej Slecicki


Father Marian Dziedziel
Mother Grazyna Barszczewska
Son Arkadiusz Detmer
Dauther-inlaw Lidia Sadowa
Inspector Violetta Arlak
Inspector Konrad Kapica


Next in The Land comes the story of a mother who happens to be a chief accountant in a family business. When she suddenly ends up in a hospital, her husband and son are left to their own devices to deal with an upcoming financial audit. The company’s books raise no suspicions, yet the auditors decide to scare the owners for fun.