The Land, Supermarket

kRaj, Supermarket, 2021, 7 min. 26 sec.

The Land, Supermarket (2021)


Director Mateusz Motyka
Screenplay Mateusz Motyka
Cinematography Stanislaw Wojcik
Music Pawel Skorupka
Production Design Oliwia Waligora
Producers Michal Kujawa, Maciej Slecicki


Janek Tomasz Wlosek
Security Guard Tomasz Schimscheiner
Woman Magdalena Kizinkiewicz
Zosia Fryderyk Gnap
Security Guard Krzysztof Salawa


The second part of the The Land, a blue-collar worker currently engaged in a custody battle loses the sight of his child during a visit to a supermarket. He quickly realizes that his daughter was kidnapped by a smartly dressed woman. Unfortunately, nobody believes him when he insists that the child is his. The protagonist will take no prisoners to get his child back.