The Lord of the Carpathians

Niedzwiedz. Wladca gor, 2012, 55 min.

The Lord of the Carpathians (2012)


Director Krystian Matysek
Screenplay Krystian Matysek
Cinematography Krystian Matysek
Music Bartek Gliniak
Producers Marcin Wierzchoslawski, Jacek Kucharski

A movie about a bear not ever made before. Many of the scenes were filmed for the first time. Inside the winter den, feeding of cubs, we participate in their entering the world, first walks and tree climbing. This is a real nature thriller—a documentary tale in an exciting artistic form but based on scientific research. The cubs almost lose their lives in an encounter with a powerful male who is wooing their mother. We will also see a blood curdling encounter with a pack of wolves, a dramatic fight for prey or hunting goats. This is an epos of the lord of Carpathians who is slowly losing the remains of his kingdom.