The Lovers of the Year of the Tiger

Kochankowie Roku Tygrysa, 2005, 100 min.

The Lovers of the Year of the Tiger (2005)


Director Jacek Bromski
Screenplay Jacek Bromski
Cinematography Marcin Koszalka
Music Grzegorz Daron, Henry Seroka
Art Director Wei Hong Yu
Producer Jacek Bromski, Juliusz Machulski, Wlodzimierz Otulak, Zhao Guo Guang, Yang Xiao Ming


Wolski Michal Zebrowski
Song Li Min
Guo Sun Ji Feng
Guo Da Ma Wu Fen Xia
Stankiewicz Norbert Rakowski


It is the year 1913. Two Poles escape their exile and cross the Siberian taiga to China. Crossing the Amur River ends tragically for one of then. The second man, unconscious, is found by an old Chinese hunter who takes him to his mountain shack. The hunter has a beautiful, sixteen year old daughter. Not to tempt fortune, the parents make the girl cut her hair and dress like a boy. But is it enough to prevent feelings arising between the two?