The Marshal

2019, 108 min.

The Marshal (2019)


Director Michal Rosa
Screenplay Michal Rosa
Cinematography Piotr Siskowski
Music Stefan Wesolowoski
Production Designers Ryszard Meliwa, Lukasz Trzcinski
Producers Filip Bajon, Dariusz Sidor


Jozef Pilsudski Borys Szyc
Maria Pilsudska Magdalena Boczarska
Walery Slawek Jan Marczewski
Aleksandra Szczerbinska Maria Debska
Aleksander Sulkowski Jozef Paplowski
Aleksander Prystor Tomasz Schuchardt
Wanda Juszkiewiczowna Eliza Rycembel
The year 1901, a psychiatric hospital in the Russian partition. One of the patients is a political prisoner – Józef Pilsudski (Borys Szyc). The Polish underground independence movement is preparing their mission to rescue the famous activist. Pilsudski is freed, but he will not get back his idyll family life that he once knew. Uncertain years are coming, marked by revolutionary events, violence and betrayal. Pilsudski must find a way to man oeuvre on the boggy ground – between the conservative passivity of the Polish Socialist Party and the aggression against the invaders, resulting in retaliation. The year 1914 is coming, and the chance for restoring an independent country, independent Poland, is now or never.