The Mighty Angel

Pod Mocnym Aniołem, 2014, 105 min.

The Mighty Angel (2014)

Polish Film’s Award “Orly”
Best Supporting Role for Kinga Preis

Gdynia Film Festival
Silver Lions, Best Music for Mikolaj Trzaska, Best Editing for Pawel Laskowski


Director Wojciech Smarzowski
Screenplay Wojciech Smarzowski
(based on a novel by Jerzy Pilch)
Cinematography Tomasz Madejski
Music Mikolaj Trzaska
Production Dsigner Jagna Janicka
Producer Jacek Rzehak
Jerzy Robert Wieckiewicz
She Julia Kijowska
He Adam Woronowicz
Leader Lech Dyblik
Terrorist Arkadiusz Jakubik
Mania Kinga Preis
Moonshine King Marian Dziedziel
Borys Marcin Dorocinski
Jerzy is a writer and a chronic alcoholic. We meet him at the point when he believes that he can beat his addiction. Him and her in bed. Somebody says “I love you”. It seems that there is a reason and someone to live for… But when once she’s gone and he’s alone in a taxi, Jerzy can’t stop himself any longer. He has a quick one at The Mighty Angel and then goes to an all-night shop and starts drinking heavily. And then foam, convulsions, vomiting. Jerzy ends up in intensive care. We meet the hospital staff and other alcoholics in the isolated ward. Part of the treatment is reading previously written stories from the times when the patients were drinking. There’s an array of characters here: a lorry driver, a director, a pharmacist, some dossiers too, a student and a policeman… there are no exceptions because anyone can be trapped in addiction. There are many amusing and authentic life stories (who has never laughed at a drunkard?) but there are also some terrifying ones…