The Photograph

Zdjecie, 2012, 82 min.

The Photograph (2012)


Montreal World Film Festival
Silver Zenith for the First Fiction Feature Film


Director Maciej Adamek
Screenplay Maciej Adamek
Cinematography Tomasz Michalowski
Music Andrzej Izdebski
Art Director Joanna Bialousz
Producer Radoslaw Stas


Adam Maciej Lagodzinski
Ewa Karolina Gorczyca
Premek Antoni Pawliski
Adam’ Father Andrzej Chyra
Adam’s Mother Aleksandra Konieczna

The Photograph tells the story of 17-year-old Adam who discovers an old picture of his mother with a strange man and tries to find out who his real father is. This is also a story about first love, infidelity and encounter with death.