The Promised Land

Ziemia obiecana, 1974, 165 min.

The Promised Land (1974)


Director Andrzej Wajda
Screenplay Andrzej Wajda
based on the novel by Wladyslaw Reymont
Cinematography Witold Sobocinski, Edward Klosinski
Music Wojciech Kilar
Art Direction Tadeusz Kosarewicz
Karol Borowiecki Daniel Olbrychski
Moritz Welt Wojciech Pszoniak
Maks Baum Andrzej Seweryn
Anka Anna Nehrebecka
Karol’s Father Tadeusz Bialoszczynski
Müller Franciszek Pieczka
Mada Müller Bozena Dykiel
Bucholc Andrzej Szalawski
Mrs. Lucy Zucker Kalina Jedrusik
Karol Borowiecki a managing engineer of Bucholz’s textile factory in turn of the century Łódź, but plans to set up his own factory with the help of his friends: Max Baum, heir to an old handloom works, and Moritz Welt, an independent wheeler-dealer. Karol’s affair with Lucy Zucker, wife of another textile magnate gives him advance notice of a change in the cotton tariff which enables Moritz to get startup costs via a killing on the Hamburg futures market. Karol and his friends continue to have credit troubles, necessitating a drastic measures, Moritz directly confronting Grunspan, while Karol must sell off the family estate, moving his aged father and his finance Anka to Łódź. On the day of the factory opening, Karol must deny his affair with Zucker’s wife to a jealous husband. But while Karol accompanies Lucy on her exile to Berlin, Zucker apparently takes his revenge by burning down the uninsured factory. Karol’s only way out is to accept a previously-offered marriage with the air headed daughter of German millionaire Müller.