The Race

Wyścig, 2016, 17 min.

The Race (2016)

Swidnica International Documentary Film Festival
Special Jury Award


Director   Stanislaw Cuske
Screenplay   Stanislaw Cuske
Cinematography   Stanislaw Cuske
Music   Grzegorz Daron
Producer   Stanislaw Cuske

An intimate portrayal of a relationship between a father and his son. The father was the National Champion in motorcycle speedway and both his success and his last name Gollob can be intimidating. His son’s character was shaped by his upbringing, kept in the spirit of competition and striving for success. Both of the men have different expectations from each other, they don’t always agree, but still, they manage to find common ground in their passion for the dangerous sport. In between the complaints, there is a place for mutual support and concern.