The Red Spider

Czerwony pająk, 2015, 90 min.

The Red Spider (2015)


Gdynia Film Festival
Special Jury Prize for Marcin Koszalka

International Film Festival”East & West. Classic and Avant-Garde, Russia
Best Director

goEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Film
Best Director

Cairo International Film Critics Week
Shadi Abd El Salam Award for Best Film

Arras Film Festival, France
French Film Critic’s Award


Director Marcin Koszalka
Screenplay Marcin Koszalka, Lukasz M. Maciejewski
Cinematography Marcin Koszalka
Music Petr Ostrouchov
Art Direction Ryszaed Melliwa, Magdalena Dipont
Producer Agnieszka Kurzydlo
Karol Kremer Filip Plawiak
Vet Lucjan Staniak Adam Woronowicz
Danka Julia Kijowska
Lieutenant Florek Wojciech Zielinski
Karol’s Mother Malgorzata Foremniak
Karol’s Father Marek Kalita
Pathologist Rafal Mohr
Bednarz, Karol’s Friend Nikodem Rozbicki
Krakow in the 1960s. Young man Karol is an accomplished diver and a credit to his family. At a funfair, he discovers the body of a young boy – a victim of the serial killer known as the “Red Spider.” After noticing a mysterious stranger near the body, Karol decides not to tell the authorities and tracks the man down. The two strike up a complex and dangerous friendship.

In this unconventional, unsettling serial killer film, a gifted young athlete develops a dangerous fascination with brutal murders occurring across Communist-era Krakow. With breathtaking cinematography and striking period detail, renowned cinematographer and documentarian Marcin Koszalka brings the paranoia of the time period to life, forgoing sensationalist violence in favor of a haunting, disquieting look at guilt and madness.