The Runaway

Uciekinier, 2007, 56 min.

The Runaway (2007)


New York Film Festival
Bronze Medal

Moscow Zolotoy Vityaz
Best Director Award

Cracow Film Festival
People Choice Award


Director Marek Tomasz Pawlowski
Screenplay Marek Tomasz Pawlowski
Cinematography Jacek Januszyk
Music Michal Loren
Producer(s) Makgorzata Walczak


The Runaway presents the complicated vicissitudes of Kazimierz Piechowski (No. 918) the last living organizer of the most spectacular escape from Auschwitz. Four prisoners wearing SS uniforms fled with weapons in the camp commander’s car. After the escape, Piechowski fought in the Home Underground Army; after the war he was sentenced by the Communist authorities to 10 years in prison.