The Signs

Znaki, 2018, 56 min.

The Signs (2018)


Nevada International Film Festival
Platinum Reel


Director Wojciech Klimala
Screenplay Wojciech Klimala
Cinematography Sylwester Kazmierczak
Producer Ewa Turczanska, Przemyslaw Kusmierek

The story of deaf Iwona is a modern Cinderella fairy tale. A life of a seemingly ordinary woman turns upside down when the Miss Deaf International crown lands on her head. While being in the spotlight, she has to face numerous miss duties, travels around the world, participating in a TV talent show, fighting for the rights of the deaf – and in the middle of it all, unexpectedly, a new love is born. From month to month, the media carousel spins faster and faster. The countdown to passing on the crown begins. What price will she have to pay for living the fairy tale?