The Spring to Come

Przedwiośnie, 2001, 140 min.

The Spring to Come (2001)


Director Filip Bajon
Screenplay Filip Bajon
Cinematography Bartek Prokopowicz
Music Michal Lorenc
Art Director Anna Wunderlich
Producer Darius Jablonski
Cezary Baryka Mateusz Damiecki
Ojciec Janusz Gajos
Matka Krystyna Janda
Szymon Gajowiec Daniel Olbrychski
Wandzia Karolina Gruszka
Laura Malgorzata Lewinska
Karusia Urszula Grabowska
A story of rebellion, love and maturity. The story of young man’s passion for women and history. A screening of Stefan Zeromski novel, one of the most outstanding and significant works of Polish literature.
Cezary Baryka lives in Baku and wants to be an oil engineer, As he falls in love for the first time, the Russian revolution sweeps into town. His friends and his girlfriend are killed, and his mother dies. Baryka, persuaded by his father, leaves for Poland, There, during the war with Bolsheviks, he saves his friend’s life. When the war ends his friend invites him to their family estate where he hopes, finally, to lead a peaceful life. However, a woman falls in love with him and she is not the only one. Baryka is torn apart – his inner voice tells him what he should not do. But it doesn’t say what he should. Until one day…