The Unburied Man

Niepochowany, 2004, 127 min.

The Unburied Man (2004)


Director Marta Meszaros
Screenplay Marta Meszaros, Eva Pataki
Cinematography Nyika Jancso
Music Zygmunt Konieczny
Producer Attila Csaky
Editing Eva Karmento
Produced by Akson Studio, Cameofilm,
Ars Media, TVP S.A.
Imre Nagy Jan Nowicki
Erzsebet Nagy Lili Horvath
Maria Egeto Mariann Moor
Doctor Peter Andorai
Policeman Jan Frycz, Zsuzsa Czinkoczi
The film was partially based on archival documents, official records and eyewitnesses’ reports. The characters, except for Imre Nagy and his family, are fictional. Imre Nagy, a Prime Minister of Hungary, opposed the Soviet Union in 1956 and withdrew Hungary from the Warsaw Pact, proclaiming it a neutral country. After the pacification of the Hungarian Upraising, the new pro-Soviet Hungarian authorities sentenced Nagy to death. The film depicts last two years in Imre Nagy’s life and is a study of the mental state of a wrongfully imprisoned man.