The Vigilante

2014, 22 min.

The Vigilante (2014)


Director Matthew K. Firpo
Screenplay Matthew K. Firpo
Cinematography Jordan T. Parrott
Music Joshua Green
Production Designer Steve Wittman
Producers Maximilian Guen & Jules Hamilton


Artemis Parker Jan Uczkowski
John Hardin Lev Gorn
Agent Stansfield Katrina Lenk

In the near future, neuroplastic surgery has been invented, the ability to customize your mind. Genius orphan ARTEMIS PARKER determined to escape his mandatory “correction,” sets out to destroy the system, but along the way, he meets JOHN HARDIN society’s first “corrected” serial killer, recently released. On a collision course with the authorities, the two outcasts form an unlikely friendship that will put them both on a dangerous road towards redemption.