The Violinist

Skrzypek, 2019, 14 min. and 16 sec.

The Volinist (2019)


Director Lukasz Olszowka
Screenplay Lukasz Olszowka
Cinematography Michal Wojtasik
Music Lukasz Olszowka
Production designer Kamila Iwanska
Producer Lukasz Olszowka
The Violinist Ireneusz Pastuszak
The Violinist (in his youth) Jedrzej Hycnar
Razor Ireneusz Mosio
Brass Mateusz Zelazo
Ginger Przemyslaw Witek
Manager Anna Dzierza
The main character who in his youth was a busker, years later becomes a famous violinist. After one of his performances he meets a group of drunkards. He recognized them as hooligans he had known well in the past.