The War of the Worlds

Wojna swiatów, 1981, 96 min.

The War of the Worlds (1981)


Director Piotr Szulkin
Screenplay Piotr Szulkin based on H.G. WellsWar of the Worlds
Cinematography Zygmunt Samosiuk
Music Jozef Skrzek
Iron Idem Roman Wilhelmi
Geo Krystyna Janda
A local reporter, Iron Idem, announces that the Martians have landed. Shortly after that his program loses its independence: he is given the script telling the crowds how to welcome the invaders. Then the chaos breaks out: the Martians and police mistreat the populace; things become violent. Idem’s own wife is kidnapped and it seems somebody is trying to reduce his effectiveness as a reporter. Idem decides to fight back: he illegally broadcasts a message during the rock concert, but nobody believes him anymore. In the end he is the victim of the televised bogus trial.

It is a direct attack on media corruption dressed in the science fiction genre, and refers to the proclamation of martial law in 1981.