Their Lucky Stars

Cale szczęście, 2019, 101 min.

Their Lucky Stars (2019)


Director Tomasz Konecki
Screenplay Marcin Baczynski, Mariusz Kuczewski
Cinematography Tomasz Madejski, Jaroslaw Barzan
Music Pawel Lucewicz
Art Director Tomasz Madejski
Producers Tomasz Blachnicki, Anna Wasniewska-Gill
Marta Potocka Roma Gasiorowska
Robert Turski Piotr Adamczyk
Filip Turski Maksymilian Balcerowski
Regina Wolk-Maliszewska Joanna Liszowska
Dyrygent Tomasz Sapryk
Profesor Stefanska Marieta Zukowska
“Dragal” Jacek Borusinski
Pani Jadzia Izabela Dabrowska
Their Lucky Stars is a story of love that was born under unexpected circumstances. Symphonic orchestra musician Robert raising a ten-year-old son unexpectedly meets the full of energy and charm fitness star Marta. Two different characters, two different points of view. Her world is a big city, exotic travels and sports. Marta has her TV programs, cookery books and her face is on the covers of the most popular magazines. Robert is a contrary of the “sporting lifestyle.” His world is peaceful haven, parental challenges, a basket full of laundry and his son’s math tests—all this works until Marta appears in his life…An adventurous star and a man intimidated by her charm. Why did fate connect them? Will they manage to find THEIR LUCKY STARS together?