One, 2013, 16 min.

Them (2013)


Director Marta Grabicka
Screenplay Marta Grabicka
Cinematography Marek Kozakiewicz
Music Michael Music , Marek Tomaszewski
Art Director Noemi Staniszewska
Producer Leszek Kopec


Mother Ewa Kasprzyk
Daughter Justyna Bartoszewicz
Grandmother Zofia Czerwinska

A story of three generations of women living together in poverty. Each presents a different attitude in life. The most different mother (Ewa Kasprzyk) and her daughter (Justin Bartoszewicz). Agata , although it is not easy for her to believe in yourself, trying to meet his dream of being an artist. Ambition girl does not understand her mother, who presents radically different approach to life. She does not work and he sees no reason to change their passive proceedings. Frustrated girl is back in her grandmother that motivates her to perform when his grandmother dies. When Agata decides to fight for each other, remembering words of support by women and by the way, mother and daughter relationships are improved.