To Forgive All Evil

Wybaczyć wszelkie zło, 2013, 46 min.

To Forgive All Evil (2013)


Director Grzegorz Linkowski
Screenpaly Grzegorz Linkowski
Cinematography Wojciech Wegrzyn, Jacek Tarasiuk, Marcin Gasiorowski
Music Jacek Tarasiuk
Producer Wtold Bedkowski
Is a Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation possible? Two young historians Dr. Mariusz Zajączkowski (Polish) and Dr. Roman Kabaczij (Ukrainian) analyze unknown sensational facts concerning the talks and agreements between the AK (the Polish Home Army) and the UPA (The Ukrainian Insurgent Army) in May 1945. They show a unique set of archival photos presenting the Ukrainian and the Polish party during the preparations for their talks and during their negotiations which take place shortly after the Volyn tragedy, several months before the Operation Vistula, and which lead to the cessation of fratricidal fights as well as a common armed rebellion against the new communist power. At the same time, on the 70th anniversary of the Volyn tragedy, Polish pilgrims set out for Ukraine with the cross of Blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko (from the St. Stanislaus Kostka parish in Warsaw). The pilgrimage occurs under the slogan “Overcome evil with good”. The pilgrims take part in lots of meetings with the Ukrainian community in Volyn trying to find a way to reconcile both nations. The film shows that painful memories don’t have to disunite.