2017, 83 min.

Todmachine (2017)


Forum Kina Europejskiego “Cinergia,” Łódź
Honorable Mention

European Cinematography Award
Best Silent Film, October Competition


Director Boguslaw Kornas
Screenplay Boguslaw Kornas, Grzegorz Stoklosa
Cinematography Boguslaw Kornas
Music Tomasz Boruch
Art Directors Boguslaw Kornas, Grzegorz Stoklosa
Producers Boguslaw Kornas, Grzegorz Stoklosa, Ewa Raczy, Lukasz Niezgoda
Eva, Fritz’s Daughter Malgorzata Stankowska
Karel Grzegorz Stoklosa
Monk Tomasz Robert Zurek
Engineer Fritz Jerzy Pal
Engineer Veidt Przemyslaw Selmicki
Engineer Reiner Rafal Halski
Walter Jan Mancewicz
Engineer Grot Tomasz A. Zak
Teofil Mateusz Zelazo
Foreman Kamil Kardel
Maid Anna Lewczewska
A feature film in the silent movie convention evoking German expressionism and featuring elements of sci-fi and horror. With music specially composed for the film. Construction of a Machine that will help the City overcome its enemy and end a long war is nearing completion. Engineers are frantically conducting the last power tests of the Machine. Fascinated by the idea that man can create something equal to God’s work, they see no risks in what they are doing. Work on the Machine consumes them completely and leaves them no time for personal life. A mysterious monk warns the engineers that the heart of the Machine will turn against the people…