Too Late

Za późno, 2021, 15:34 min.

Too Late


Wroclaw Long Story Short Film Festival – Salamandra in Animation Category and Audience Award

Across the Globe Film Festival, NY: Best Animated Film

Z-SHORTS International Film Festival, Santa Barbara: Honorable Mention


Director Kinga Syrek
Screenplay Kinga Syrek
Cinematography Kinga Syrek
Animation Kinga Syrek
Music Aaron “zeus” Zepeda With Additional Tracks By Stanislaw Saluga And Kinga Syrek
Art Director – Kinga Syrek
Producers Kinga Syrek & Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Arts In Krakow


A relationship with toxic father forces Edie Sedgwick to find love thousands miles from home. Edie meets Andy Warhol and starts loosing touch with reality.