Top Dog

Wodzirej, 1978, 115 min.

Top Dog (1978)


Director Feliks Falk
Screenplay Feliks Falk
Cinematography Edward Klosinski
Music Jan Kanty Pawluskiewicz
Art Direction Teresa Barska
Danielak Jerzy Stuhr
Mela Slava Kvasniewska
Lasota Wiktor Sadecki
Romek Michal Tarkowski
Przybylski Jerzy Kryszak
Ula Jana Svandova
Manager Alfred Freudenheim
Danielak’s brother Ryszard Kotys
A great ball is to be given in a newly built hotel for the 50th anniversary celebration of a town. It will certainly be quite an occasion for those providing the entertainment and will lead to rivalry in the choice of top dog. Ludwik Daniel, the main character, does not see any chance for himself to compete for the job of top dog. He decides to achieve it by hook or by crook and eliminates individual rivals by various foul methods. In the course of his activities, he breaks moral barriers one by one. He uses increasingly foul methods and does not shy away from cutting his best friend, Romek, out of the competition.

The price he has paid in pursuing his aim is much higher than success, that for one dazzling performance as a top dog he has paid with friendship, love and human dignity.