Touch Me

Dotknij mnie, 2003, 90 min.

Touch Me (2003)


Director Anna Jadowska, Ewa Stankiewicz
Screenplay Anna Jadowska, Ewa Stankiewicz
Cinematography Robert Mleczko
Music Bartek Gliniak, Something Like Elvis, Busso De La Luna
Art Director Ewa Stankiewicz, Anna Jadowska
Producer Ewa Stankiewicz, Anna Jadowska
Ewa Ewa Szykulska
Piotr Piotr Miazga
Sylwek Sylwester Jakomow
Policeman Grzegorz Stosz
Prostitute Iza Nowakowska
Karolina Karolina Obrebska
Ania Anna Bielecka
Wojtek Wojciech Zielinski


A teenager falls in love with an actor working in a DRTV program on local TV station, who clumsily tries to sell some pottery. The guy, however, dreams only about a prostitute he observes every day in the window of a neighbouring brothel. One day, a noisy quarrel is heard from another apartment of the same house. The policeman called in to check what is going on falls in love with a woman living in the flat , who is much older than him. She changes her lovers all the time, escaping true love waiting at her door.