Tulipany, 2004, 92 min.

Tulips (2004)

Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2004
Best Actress in Supporting Role for Malgorzata Braunek

Eagle – Polish Film Award 2006
Best Actress in Supporting Role for Malgorzata Braunek


Director Jacek Borcuch
Screenplay Jacek Borcuch
Cinematography Damian Pietrasik
Music Daniel Bloom
Art Director Elwira Pluta
Producer Piotr Audycki
Matka Jan Nowicki
Malutki Zygmunt Malanowicz
Lotek Tadeusz Plucinski
Dzieciak Andrzej Chyra
Marianna Malgorzata Braunek
Ola Ilona Ostrowska
A story of friendship of three 60-years old men who, rushing through their lives, have not noticed the fact that they are nearing the end. Certain events make them think about the inevitable. They ponder over their lives, take, maybe there last, most important decision, try to achieve unaccomplished goals. A slightly sentimental, but at the same time optimistic tale of passion for life and acceptance of life going by. The background of the story males an idealistic sphere of the highest values.