2018, 10 min. and 50 sec.


Screen Dance Scotland
nternational Award for Best Short Film 


Director Pawel Zawadzki
Choreography Wojciech Mochniej
Cinematography Michal Sosna
Art Director/ final cut Aleksandra Machnik
Music Wojciech Frycz
Producer Aleksandra Machnik
She Iris Heitzinger
He Wojciech Mochniej
Contemporary dance, popcorn, drowner, woman, gasoline and fire. Unframed is a film based on a dance performance Framed (Ujęci) choreographed by Wojciech Mochniej, depicting a wide spectrum of emotions present in a turbulent relationship. We get to know a couple from the first cigarette, through infatuation, desire, a sense of freedom, the effort of breaking up, and an attempt at mutual support in returning to normality. Unframed is a few frames taken out of reality, in which the words go into the third plan, the dialogue takes place with the body, and strong emotions can take on both a brutal and aesthetic form.