Urban Cowboys

Miejscy kowboje, 2016, 30 min.

Urban Cowboys (2016)


Director   Pawel Ziemilski
Screenplay   Pawel Ziemilski
Cinematography   Maciej Twardowski
Music   Guy Sigsworth
Producers   Zuzanna Krol,
Adam Slesicki

Can a horse save a life? In Clondalkin (Dublin) that’s exactly the case. In a district where there is a lot of problems and not a lot of prospects, young people face drugs, prison and the path of crime. But some of them manage to escape into an unusual hobby. They tame wild horses and become…urban cowboys. When 14-year-old Dylan hits a dark patch in his life, he finds comfort in Shelly, a white mare that quickly becomes his whole world. Even though taming of wild horses is illegal in Ireland and Shelly’s hooves are not used to the concrete streets, their unlikely friendship grows stronger.