Venus of Willendorf

Wenus z Willendorfu, 2020, 23 min.

Venus of Willendorf


Director Zuzanna Grajcewicz
Screenplay Ewa Radzewicz, Zuzanna Grajcewicz
Cinematography Ewa Radzewicz
Art Director Arkadiusz Slesinski
Animation Karina Paciorkowska, Anna Nowacka
Producer Eryk Siemianowicz


Kamila Justyna Wasilewska
Renata Katarzyna Straczek
Tomasz Jan Hrynkiewicz
Sylwia Anna Antoniewicz
Beatka Sonia Roszczuk
Zdzislaw Jacek Piatkowski


Young and ambitious Kamila lives in the world, where having surplus of weight guarantees success on all fronts of social life. When in short period of time both her employer and her boyfriend discover, that she only pretend to be overweight, she is fired from work and abandoned. She is forced to leave the disguise that makes her look fat and face the hostile reality. In order to put on some flesh, Kamila decides to attend the therapy in Fit&Fat Clinic. Will she manage to go through the therapy, put on weight and adapt herself to the standards?