2004, 114 min.

Vinci (2004)

Polish Film Festival, Gdynia 2004
Best Screenplay Award for Juliusz Machulski

Eagle Polish Film Award
Best Director of 2004


Director Juliusz Machulski
Screenplay Juliusz Machulski
Cinematography Edward Klosinski
Music Maciej Staniecki
Art Director Monika Sajko-gradowska
Producer Juliusz Machulski, Jacek Bromski
Cuma Robert Wieckiewicz
Julian Borys Szyc
Hagen Jan Machulski
Magda Kamila Baar
Gruby Mieczyslaw Grabka
Wilk Marcin Dorocinski
Kudar Lukasz Simlat
Helmut Marian Dziedziel

Cuma, a thief specializing in stealing art works, having spent three years in prison, is out on parole due to “poor health condition”. “Fat”,  a receiver who helped him to get out of prison, requests him to steal Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Lady with a Weasel” (Dama z łasiczką). Cuma immediately begins to complete the team of criminals. He visits his old friend Julian, a specialist in explosives, and offers him the job. Julian now fully socialized, work as an expert for police, but he is indebted to Cuma. He agrees to take part in the heist, careful to turn it into a success. He asks an old forger Hagen to make a copy of the painting. The man refuses and recommends Magda, an able student of restoration. Superintendent Wilk learns that Cuma is out of prison… The original painting is due to be back from the exhibition in Japan. Wilk suspects, that Cuma’s leaving the prison and return of painting is not just coincidence…