Warsaw Dark

Izolator, 2008, 85 min.

Warsaw Dark (2008)


Director Christopher Doyle
Screenplay Christopher Doyle
Cinematography Rain Kathy Li
Music Lech Rowinski,
Adam Walicki
Art Direction Robert Czesak
Producer(s) Marianna Rowinska
Ernest Jan Frych
Ojka Anna Przybylska
Grottger Adam Ferency
Grottger’s Wife Violetta Arlak
Paul Lukasz Simlat
George Leslaw Zurek
Lewy Jerzy Bonczak
Remik Jacek Poniedzialek
Warsaw Dark is a good description of a new, yet complicated Polish reality. Many interesting characters that appear on screen make the film vivid and real. It is also universal – as an intense, electrifying love story. Also, as a description of journey that begins in total darkness and ends in the somewhat brighter light of hope. Warsaw Dark is visually stunning. Unexpected perspectives, unique locations, unorthodox approach to capturing reality make the film truly exceptional. And the city of Warsaw is not only a stage on which events take place. It is one of the focal points of the film. Mysterious, dark, almost monochromatic – Any secret can be safe here.