We’re All Christs

Wszyscy jesteśmy Chrystusami, 2006, 107 min.

We're All Christs (2006)


Director Marek Koterski
Screenplay Marek Koterski
Cinematography Edward Kosinski
Music Jerzy Satanowski
Art Director Przemyslaw Kowalski
Producer Wlodzimierz Otulak
Adas Miauczynski (50 years-old) Marek Kondrat
Adas (33 years-old) Andrzej Chyra
Sylwus, Adas’ Son Michal Koterski
Beata, Adas’ Wife Malgorzata Bogdanska
Adas’ Mother Janina Traczykowna
Guardian Angel Tomasz Sapryk
Adas’ Mother in His Youth Agnieszka Grochowska
Evil Angel Marcin Dorocinski
Adas’ Colleagues from bar “Jutrzenka” Jan Frycz, Marian Dziedziel, Andrzej Grabowski, Artur Zmijewski
Adas’ Father Lukasz Simlat
Adam Miauczynski (50), a cultural sciences graduate, is an alcoholic. He has not been drinking and for the last couple of years has been undergoing therapy whilst slowly sobering up. When the film starts, Adam asks his beloved son Sylwester (20), if he’d like to tell him anything. The son confides that there was a point some time ago, at the end of Adam’s drinking period, when he, Sylwester, Adam’s own son, wished him dead and even contemplated killing him. Sylwester tells the story of how he came to this point and recalls memories from his life with his Father.
When Sylwester unveils his painful memories, Adam’s own memory rewinds like a tape: his Father was also an alcoholic and Adam was afraid and ashamed of him. As a child Adam swore never to expose his own son to such fear and embarrassment. And yet…