What I Want

To, czego chcę, 2015, 30 min.

What I Want? (2015)


Jan Machulski Awards for Polish Indie Films
Best Director for Damian Kocur; Best Actor for Ariel Makara

Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
Special Jury Award

Special Mention in  Documentary Competition 


Director Damian Kocur
Screenplay Damian Kocur
Cinematography Damian Kocur
Music Maria Holka
Production Design Agata Adamus
Producer Jerzy Lukaszewicz
Ariel Ariel Makara
Karolina Karolina Marczok
Daniel Daniel Furmaniak
Ariel’s Mother Jolanta ?oskot
Child Kacper Bialek
Mr. Andrzej Andrzej Mastalerz
Hoodie Jakub Lipa
Karolina’s Boyfriend Artur Garbacz
Modern-day Silesia. Ariel is a 25-year-old male whose entire life boils down to his beloved football team and his dog. For Karolina – a twenty-year-old girl raising a one-year-old child by herself – the career of a cheerleader in one of Silesian football clubs is an illusory chance for a better life. When these two people meet each other it leads to a clash of seemingly different desires, both rooted in solitude.