WheRe’tHe gHosTs gO?

Gdzie się podziały duchy?, 2014, 9 min.

WheRe´tHe gHosTs gO? (2014)


Director Lukasz Biernat
Screenplay Lukasz Biernat
Animation Konrad Waszkiewicz, Lukasz Biernat
Music Michal Papara
Producer(s) Robert Sowa
The film shows a journey of a boy- astronaut who discovers an unknown planet. The film based on a long, 8-minute panorama takes us inside imagination and penetrates the sphere of projections and dreams, inaccessible when one is awake. It is a journey in time and space, full of signs and mysterious symbols. In his diploma animation Łukasz Biernat captures amazing picturesqueness of the landscape which becomes the other protagonist of the film.