Who Never Lived

Kto nigdy nie żył, 2006, 104 min.

Who Never Lived (2006)


Director Andrzej Seweryn
Screenplay Maciej Strzembosz
Cinematography Piotr Wojtowicz
Music Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Art Director Janusz Sosnowski
Producer Miroslaw Slowinski
Jan Michal Zebrowski
Marta Joanna Sydor
Pawel Robert Janowski
Jan’s Mother Teresa Marczewska
The Confessor Stefan Burczyk
Bishop Andrzej Zarnecki
Krzysztof Cezaty Iber
Mateusz Mateusz Banasiuk
Kasia Natalia Rybicka
The Prior Piotr Szczepanik
Jan, a young, charismatic priest takes care of youth with problems as part of his daily pastoral duties. However, the methods he uses and his strong ties with the drug addicts’ milieu is something his superiors hardly find palatable. Consequently, he is told to go to Rome to study, which he regards as an attempt at separating him from his faithful young people badly need of help. He wants to struggle to keep his position… Life, however, dramatically frustrates his plans. In hospital, Jan learns that he is HIV positive. The young priest has to go through a Job-like ordeal in solitude. He takes leave of his friends, his parish, and holes up in an old monastery. His grudges against the Lord; his doubts about his sense of faith along with his own weaknesses are what he tries to drown in hard manual labor. Living in isolation, however, hardly brings any solace. Soon the suffering and lack of tolerance he incurs make him leave the order. He sets himself on the road to end his life… but unexpectedly there is hope. His encounter with a trio of young travelers shows him life in a new light and will lead him to Pawel, his old musician friend and the brother of one of the young junkies Jan used to help. This unusual journey will make Jan face up not only to his disease but also to those he used to teach once only to leave them without a word.