Wieslaw Saniewski

Wieslaw Saniewski


Born in Wroclaw in 1948. He is a film director, screenwriter and producer. He is a graduate of the Wroclaw University (Department of Mathematics) and The Department of Screen writing at the Lodz Film School. He also studied art history and journalism.

First he worked as a film critic. Saniewski wrote several books related to cinematography, ie. The First Step to Hell (Pierwszy stopień do piekła), The Innocence Lost in the Theater (Niewinność utracona w kinie), and Fortune-telling from the Cinema (Wróżenie z kina).

He has been a lecturer in many film schools, both in Poland and internationally.

Wieslaw Saniewski is a laureate of the Karol Irzykowski Award which he received for his publications on cinematography in 1975, and the John Paul II Foundation Award for his film art which “expresses exceptional care for mankind and basic humanistic values, so important under the extremely complex, socio-moral conditions of Poland,”


2011 The Winner (Wygrany)
2006 Immensity of Justice (Bezmiar sprawiedliwości)
1996 The Rainy Soldier (Deszczowy żołnierz)
– The Polish Cultural Foundation Award at the PFF in Gdynia;
– The Gold Star Award, Best Director Award at the Houston International Film Festival
1993 Stranger Must Fly (Obcy musi fruwać)
– First Prize at the Phoenix International Film Festival
– Silver Award at the Houston Film Festival
– Silver Award at the Charleston International Film Festival
1985 The Stalking Season
1988 The Touched
– Film Critics’ Award at the PFF in Gdynia
1983 Custody (Nadzór)
– The Independent Cultural Solidarity Award for the Best Film of 1984
– The Fipresci Prize at the Mannheim International Film Festival in 1985
– Award for the Best Feature Debut at the PFF Gdansk in 1985)
1981 Freelancer (Wolny strzelec)