2018, 29 min.

Wiki (2018)


Director Veronica Andersson
Screenplay Veronica Andersson
Cinematography Mats Helgesson
Producer Maciej Slesicki
Wiki   Kamila Kobic
Zosia   Magdalena Kizinkiewicz
Mateusz   Adam Bobik
Henio   Kordian Rekowski
Bolek   Dominik Pregol
Michal   Jacek Olak
Bronia   Hanna Tkaczyk
Witek   Leszek Wisniewski
Wiki is an autistic, and curious young girl, who has to face really harsh reality of living with an alcoholic mother after her grandmother dies. Luckily amongst all this chaos, she meets Mateusz – a huge fan of Warsaw city busses-who brings back real sunshine to her life.