Wroclaw’s Golgotha

Wroclawska Golgota, 2008, 88 min. and 41 sec.

Wroclaw’s Golgotha (2008)


Director Jan Komasa
Authors Piotr Kokocinski,
Krzysztof Szwagrzyk
Cinematography Radoslaw Ladczuk
Art Direction Grzegorz Piatkowski


Henryk Szwejcer Adam Ferency
Henryk Gerlich Marcin Sztabinski
Wladyslaw Czarnecki Marcin Czaknik
Róża Szwejcer Kinga Preis
Feliks Rosenbaum Adam Woronowicz
Krzysztof Piotr Glowacki
Ewa Katarzyna Maciag


A story about discovering the truth written in never mailed letters of those condemned to death. A young historian writing his Ph.D. stumbles upon them in 1994. He discovers the case of Henryk Szwejcer, a respectable director of the Communal Savings Bank. Jointly with the young protagonist the audience discovers the secret of a brutal arrest and a plotted trial in which for the theft of several tens of mailing stamps three death penalties were requested and executed.