You Are God

Jestes Bogiem, 2012, 110 min.

You Are God (2012)


Director Leszek Dawid
Screenplay Maciej Pisuk
Cinematography Radoslaw Ladczuk
Music Rahim, Fokus
Art Directors Katarzyna Sobanska, Marcek Slawinski
Producer Jerzy Kapuscinski


Piotr Luszcz “Magik” Marcin Kowalczyk
Woiciech Alszer “Fokus” Tomasz Schuchardt
Sebastian Salbert “Rahim” Dawid Ogrodnik
Gustaw Zarzycki Arkadiusz Jakubik
Justyna Luszcz, “Magik’s” Wife Katarzyna Wajda
Concert Organizer Marcin Dorocinski


The promising documentary by Leszek Dawid tells the story of Paktofonika, one of Poland’s pioneer hip-hop collectives. In the process he merges biography with sociological observation to create an unique look at the struggle for success in a troubled environment. He knew about the traps that were hidden in the story of the famous musicians, the tragic death of the band-leader, the wild capitalism of the nineties, the Silesian housing projects and the lost young generation. In You Are God he successfully avoids moralizing or overt praise and manages a fairly objective portrait of the group and its members. Thanks to this directorial discipline and artistic maturity the film is turning out to be one of the best movies made in Poland in the past few years.