Leszek Wosiewicz

Leszek Wosiewicz


Born in 1947 in Radomysl Wielkopolski. Director and screenwriter. He wrote several adaptations of foreign classical literature for the screen and stage.

He graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, majoring in psychology (1975) and from the Łódź National Film School (1979) where he studied film directing.

He was faculty member at the Silesian University in Katowice and co-founded the Karol Irzykowski Film Studio. He directed several documentaries. He won numerous awards such as: The Chief of Cinematography Award (1986), the Grand Prix at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival (1987), the Second Prize at the “Young Polish Cinema” Gdansk Film Review (1988). Breaking the Silence won the Special Prize at the Łódź Media Festival “The Man in Danger” in 2002 and the Certificate of Honor “for the touching vision of one’s search for the contact with the world” at the Krakow Short Film Festival in 2003.


2005 The Cross-Way Cafe (Rozdroże Cafe) – Best Director Award at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia ’05
1997 House Chronicles (Kroniki domowe) – “Don Quichote” – the Prize of the Polish Federation of Film Clubs and Kina Studyjne Award at the Gdynia Polish Film Festival ’97
1991 Cynga

 1989 Andrzej Munk Film Award ’89,
– 1989 Award For the Feature Debut at the Koszalin Film Festival ’89,
– 1989 The Srebrne Grono Award at the Lagow Film Festival ’89,
– 1989 The Gdansk Voivode Award at the Gdynia Film Festival ’89,
– 1989 The Chairman of Cinematography Committee Award ’89,
– 1990 Award For Directing At the Gdynia Polish Film Festival ’90

1982 Christmas Eve ’81 (Wigilia ’81)
1980 The Taste of Water (Smak wody)